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Erica R.

"Before I started coaching I was totally lost..."

Before I started coaching i was totally lost with my weight loss journey - didn’t know where to start, what to do!

I have concrete habits that will last with me, far beyond my time with Abby helping me - I have the tools and techniques to keep me going!

Abby’s constant feedback has been most impactful - keeping me in check but also her support; she was always rooting me.

I knew it couldn’t do it alone and needed help; I was given the awesome opportunity and knew I had to take it!

My mental health is getting better because all of this; eating better and moving more helps mental clarity - and Abby taught me to sit with my feelings when I need to do I can figure out how to better overcome them.

What’s been amazing is actually seeing the scale and measuring tape move down!

It’s been so long since I’ve seen any progress - especially since I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and insulin resistance."

"I just want to feel good in my own skin"

Gracie C.

"I pulled the trigger because I was not happy & I was passively going through life..."

Before I started coaching i had a terrible relationship with food, binge eating, sabotaging to the max, and zero confidence.

It's so much better—Caroline has helped me tremendously to heal my food issues and do the inner work!

The most impactful thing was learning about all the completely incorrect assumptions I had about food, and changing my mindset. I pulled the trigger because I was not happy, and I was passively going through life. I had a little hesitation with putting myself out there and acknowledging the fact that I needed help.

I’m feeling much more confident and my mental health has improved. I am focused on the things I can control, and making good use of my time.

Now, i’m hitting the gym more, building my meals to make me more full, reading my hunger cues, drinking way more water, eating foods that are packed with protein, learning to track really well, and changing my language with food by avoiding using terms like food/bad/fat-storing/unhealthy/etc.

I would of course trust her with my friends & family.

Lyndsay B.

"I've struggled with my weight, eating issues, & anxiety around food for 10 years..."

"A little over six months ago I came across Jared, his content, approach, and values around fitness and fat loss was something I hadn’t really seen from any other coaches.

His coaching is honest and life changing.

I’ve struggled with my weight, eating issues, and anxiety around food

for 10 years.

I’ve done every fad diet, restricted, binged, you name it.

I’ve been every weight- skinny and fat.

Coaching has really opened my eyes around this game of fat loss and fitness.

Totally guided me since day one.

I’ve learned so many tools to help me on this life-long project.

Between 1-on-1 coaching and the Tribe community, there are many avenues of support.

Jared is a wonderful coach and person."

Amy R.

"I knew this was the place for me..."

"I was in a very toxic weight loss program before I joined. I lost weight but mentally in a bad place with food and inner game.

The most impactful part for me was the check ins and Grant's response. I had gym phobia and Grant talked me through this and gave a great plan.

This has made me stronger physically and mentally.

I knew that I could not do this alone.

I knew I made so much progress on the weight side of things before coming but

I knew nothing on how to keep it off, get stronger and change my mindset.

I was hesitant at first. When I first talked to Jared on the on boarding call I was all for it until I had to fill out those papers and then I said 'I am out.'

I did not want another bad experience. Then I joined his challenge and got to see what his philosophy was and who his coaches were and I knew this was the place for me.

I have more energy. I can hike in out mountains with my husband. I have gone on backpacking trips. I am running my 3rd half marathon in a few weeks. Our family is eating more nutritious foods. My mental health is in a better place especially with foods and how I see myself. My relationship with food is much better.

I can look beyond the scale. I celebrate wins that are not scale related. I am enjoying my food. I have learned what my triggers are. I have a great coach and team behind me"

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